La Porte
La Porte, Indiana

A residential shed inspired by the rural Midwest vernacular.

Carefully framed views choreograph the experience of this ten-acre site on a former farm in rural northwest Indiana for our client and her guests.

Driven by the use of reclaimed materials, this retreat includes the design of a new 3,000 square foot residence, renovation of two existing barns, and new landscape elements that will accommodate a studio, meeting spaces, commercial kitchen, vegetable gardens, and outdoor areas.

Inspired by local agricultural influences, rituals are built into the architecture and landscape, including sliding wood-slatted screens that allow users to adjust for shading and privacy. Through carefully controlled exterior lighting, the façade resembles a glowing corn crib at night.

With an eye toward celebrating the imperfect, the Owner and design teams are strongly committed to embracing local materials and construction techniques.

This project is currently under construction.

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