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Leavitt House

Texture and layered outdoor spaces define this renovation of a historic home in Chicago.

Our clients sought to renovate an 1897 three-flat in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood to create a home that respects both old and new, with strong connections between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The historic authenticity of the home is preserved through the front façade. Intricate patterns of textured white glazed brick are preserved, while restored bay windows frame views to a newly landscaped garden.

Embracing texture as a connection between old and new, a variegated standing seam zinc-clad addition introduces a modern character to the rear of the house, while also creating seamless transitions between interior and exterior spaces.

Leavitt House


Chicago, Illinois




Tom Lee, AIA
Christopher Eastman, AIA
James Bayless, AIA

M/E/P Engineering

Calor Design Group, Ltd.

Structural Engineering

Rockey Structures


Tom Lee, AIA

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